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EBSCO, Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide

EBSCO has been partners of Eduserv since 2007. It is the leading provider of e-journal, e-book and e-journal package and print subscriptions, e-resource management tools, full-text and secondary databases, and related services for all types of libraries and research organisations.


TDNet, Middle East and United States

TDNet has been our partner since 2007 and provides innovative tools and services to help libraries and information centres to effectively discover, access, manage and maintain their electronic resources. TDNet has an international client base with customers in the academic, corporate, government and healthcare markets.

Reprints Desk

Reprints Desk, Worldwide

Reprints Desk is a top-rated document delivery supplier that improves on-demand access and spend management related to scholarly journal articles.

Basch Subscriptions, Inc.

Basch Subscriptions, Inc., United States and Worldwide

Basch Subscriptions Inc. (BSI) provides acquisitions and management services for print and electronic journal subscriptions from Concord, NH. Serving the United States and international clients, BSI systems and services focus on the needs of libraries of all types, with an emphasis on hospital, medical, corporate, government, academic, school and public libraries.

Third Iron, LLC

Third Iron, LLC, Worldwide

Third Iron, LLC is a leading information technology company developing innovative services that benefit libraries and their users. BrowZine, the company’s first product, is used by thousands of researchers from corporations, hospitals and universities around the world.

Integrated Information Network

Integrated Information Network, Middle East

Integrated Information Network (INN) offers highly ranked information resources, digital library tools and rich integrated digital library platforms for the academic, government, corporate and industry markets. IIN is headquartered in the city of Dubai and has offices in London, Iran and Saudi Arabia and has been a partner of Eduserv since 2006.

Knowledge E

Knowledge E, Middle East

Knowledge E works with libraries, publishers, researchers, schools and others in the knowledge industry, to empower them in realising their full potential. It identifies the skills, resources, and services required by its customers, and provides these services through its team supported by its strategic partners.


LoqicQ, The Netherlands

LogicQ is a cooperative organisation for IT professionals and executives working in software, technology and management. Formed by a group of independent IT professionals, LogicQ consultants work entirely in the interests of their clients – bringing a wealth of expertise from initial concept to implementation.


TotemGuard, Spain

TotemGuard provide customers in the education and healthcare industries with the tools needed to automate the management, support and protection of their IT resources. TotemGuard helps its customers manage access to IT resources, allowing them to provide better service to their users while reducing operating costs.


Innowave, Malaysia

Innowave has a strong global network. It prides itself on delivering uncompromised quality online resources for digital libraries, especially educational material, while providing flexibility and customisation for its customers.

Virtus National

Virtus National, Kuwait and Iraq

Virtus National provides a comprehensive range of advanced library techniques and content – scholarly electronic resources and research evaluation tools. Virtus National prides itself on delivering affordable and cutting-edge information products with quality service that they provide.


iDev, Middle East and North Africa

iDev Saudi Arabia is an Knowledge Solutions Company working in the field of Information Solutions, Digital libraries and Innovative Educational technologies. It provides information ,tools and technologies for high-level digital libraries for academics and non-academics.


CNA, India

CNA has been in print and electronic subscription business for 77 years. Its customer base spans all major IIT’s, IIM’s and leading research and academic institutions including central universities  across India.

Visit our partner portal for your OpenAthens toolkit

Visit our partner portal for your OpenAthens toolkit

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