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8 March 2017, 5pm GMT

OpenAthens & EBSCO - Approaches to authentication for academic organisations

Hear real life examples of best practice at universities around Discovery and Identity & Access Management.

See a demo of EBSCO Discovery Service and how it works in unison with OpenAthens single sign-on software to deliver a seamless and secure end user journey.

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15 March 2017, 5pm GMT

OpenAthens software demo webinar

Join Robert Scaysbrook on his next regular open-demo webinar.

Tour through the key features of OpenAthens. Useful to all organizations considering identity management and single sign-on.

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21 March 2017, 2PM GMT

OpenAthens Service Provider Surgery

Join Phil Leahy on this OpenAthens Service Provider Surgery. Find out whats happening in the world of OpenAthens for SPs and ask any questions you may have.

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28 March 2017, 4PM BST

OpenAthens Surgery

An interactive webinar where you can find out about recent and upcoming features, and ask us any questions you have… about anything. In March we are focusing on Identity management tools with Andy Anderson, OpenAthens Training Manager.

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