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Access to knowledge
made easy


We make accessing knowledge
through a single sign-on simple.

What does that mean? Well, it means people can quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for. In turn this leads to more time, smarter ways of working and unlocks the potential to achieve great things!

Remote Access resource hub

Remote access - laptop in kitchen

Our Remote Access resource hub signposts you to useful information about how you can provide library users with remote access to resources and services.

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We help more than 2,600 organizations in over 50 countries have access to the knowledge they want when they want it.

Information managers

Give people the power of knowledge.

With a simple single sign-on we make light work of managing access both securely and effectively. Plus, with stats on usage you can optimize the way you work.

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Content providers

Spread the knowledge.

We get your content under the nose of more people. By giving users the best experience, it reduces your costs and saves you time with ongoing maintenance.

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IT teams

Software that plays nicely with others.

Adding new software into your current IT system doesn’t have to be hard work. We seamlessly slot into your existing system to provide the best experience possible.

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What we do

Identity management

We can connect to existing organization directories or create accounts within OpenAthens.

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Access management

We deliver access management for publishers, platforms and applications.

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Only one sign in

Our platform creates a session that allows the end-user to move from resource to resource without re-entering their details.

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Leave the difficult stuff to us

We provide federated access management and integrate with other systems including Shibboleth.

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Statistics and insights

We collect data and show you what users are engaging with. Our comprehensive stats provide better insights into how information is accessed.

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Peace of mind

OpenAthens is a fully hosted and supported service with comprehensive documentation.


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Just some of the organizations that we work with:

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