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Questions for Alvet Miranda 

What are the biggest barriers to starting this transformation – and what do you think are the biggest barriers to successful delivery? 

The biggest barriers to starting this transformation is the absence or limited application of systems thinking. Systems thinking helps institutions affirm the purpose of the main system or digital library; identify sub-systems that make up the complete system and determine interconnections between sub-systems. Through the process of optimization which is a sub-set of systems thinking to reduce complexity the sub-systems can be aligned towards the purpose of the main system. 

 Continuous improvement and optimization is key to successful delivery. By taking an iterative incremental approach to delivery institutions are able to progress with adequate time for users to provide feedback on incremental change.  

This helps validate the change or roll back helping to make informed decisions for the next iteration. 

Alvet your presentation has been amazing, just a question, were you able to capture data from various sources including EBSCO & Non-EBSCO?  

Thank you. Yes, the open architecture aligns with current trends towards open source software and open APIs.  

Where the various sources support integration and inter-operability the context model can be applied to various sources irrespective of vendor.