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Questions for Joanna

So you’ve been paying for OA while in implementation all this time? 

There was a fee that we paid, but OpenAthens/EBSCO has been able to assist us.  

Any advice about working with Banner. Could we improve the connection? 

Unfortunately, I do not work directly with Banner, but from my end, the connection needs to be strengthened between the parties working in the library and responsible for Banner.  I don’t have the technical know-how to work with Banner directly, so my advice is more to do with personnel.  Find out who is the engineer behind Banner and then talk about what the realities of data gathering are and transfer from one to the another system.  We did not know this before we started. 

Estimate of time to set up all resources to work with OpenAthens? Have those discussions started yet?  

All of our resources, with the exception of six, have been setup.  However, we are expecting to have all the links in the catalog LibGuide webpages changed before June 24th.  We hope to get all of that done in a matter of two months.  

Anything you would do differently? 

Investigate another institution who made the switch.  For the most part, a lot of the things we learned were specific to the institution and could not have been foreseen until we started the process.  Wish we had established a better understanding of the Banner, Shibboleth, and OpenAthens connection.  

How widely used is Banner, does it have an API? 

 I’m not sure about the API.  It is very widely used in American institutions. 

Just for clarification, was it a setup fee only that you paid or subscription fee on top of that?

I checked our records for clarification, and it seems like we paid each year for the subscription. 

Also how many resources do you have set up in the LibGuide catalogue and how long did it take to add them?

157 resources,  and it took over around 3 months, but it was a few resources at a time.  We had issues with login credentials and therefore adding OpenAthens information to resources that weren’t large vendors.