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Questions for Karen 

Interested in the digital object identifier (DOI) issue – please elaborate … since there are multiple domains that could be resulted?

The DOI issue has been fixed by OpenAthens.  It was mentioned by way of illustration of a large scale issue we faced during our migration but thankfully it has now been sorted, resulting in a huge improvement to the service. 

Why do and publishers differentiate between Shibboleth and OpenAthens?  

My understanding is that they think it is a completely different mechanism rather than being a different service provider. Shibboleth is also open source, whereas OpenAthens is a fully supported service – but they are routed in the same standards-based technology and therefore integrate well with each other. 

Can you share your tips and tricks?  

These are included in the slides available on the OpenAthens Slideshare site. Karen has also kindly offered to write a blog with her top tips.