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Secure single sign-on made easy – for you and your customers.

With over 25 years of experience, we’re the leading experts in federated single sign-on services worldwide. We understand the challenges you face in delivering access to data and information to those who need it.

Leave all the tricky technical work to us!

We make it simple and easy for you to provide remote access to your resource or service from any location. Our tailored support solutions will help you with the complex technical aspects of set-up and systems integration.

Our range of value-added consultancy services can help you improve the user experience and support your business goals.

“We expected it to be complex, and that was a benefit of using the consultancy.”  (John Leopold, software engineering manager, IOP Publishing)

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New to OpenAthens?

We acknowledge that implementing federated single sign-on can be technically complex and challenging. As a trusted partner and expert in this space, our highly skilled team can help you to:

  • Manage and navigate pre-setup requirements. Our comparison chart shows how we can save you time and money on tasks your team need to complete pre-setup.
  • Free up your teams’ time to focus on other essential work. We do the heavy lifting for complex technical aspects of set-up and systems integration.
  • Access expert technical support. Our team are there for you every step of the way. You can also access our onboarding guide and peer support through our new discussion list to help you problem solve any technical issues.

If you want to join our identity federation and are happy with your existing SAML product, our basic support package may be the best fit for you.

Adding value for existing customers

In addition to your annual support and maintenance subscription, our team of experts can help you with:

  • Platform and software migration. Single sign-on software can be complicated and can take many months to implement. We simplify and speed things up by handling the entire set-up and system migration process. Working alongside your team, we do a lot of the technical work for you, freeing up your team to focus on other projects. See our IOP Publishing case study.
  • User experience health check. Get ahead of your competitors by offering a superior user experience. Our health check will help you:
    • See where to make improvements to your user journey
    • Apply the NISO-approved RA21 recommended practices for improved access to online resources and support for Seamless Access
    • Comply with the latest accessibility regulations
  • Marketing support. We can help you reach out to libraries worldwide and communicate effectively with your library customers through our outreach support.

What’s the best fit for you?

Choose from our basic, standard and enterprise packages. Our subscription and consultancy services are available on a sliding scale according to your organisation size.

Basic Standard Enterprise
Dedicated implementation specialist. We have over 25 years of federated single sign-on expertise. Our dedicated technical consultant with help you throughout the set up process to make the most of our product.
Annual support and maintenance. As standard you’ll receive a dedicated account manager, ITIL accredited service desk, 24/7 incident management, automated product upgrades.
OpenAthens publisher account.You’ll have access to our dashboard for configuration
Project Management. Your dedicated project manager will help make sure your implementation goes as smoothly as possible.
UX consultancy. Our UX specialist will help you implement industry standards for user login journey and advise on personalisation. 0.5 days 1 day 2 days
Go-live testing. We test your authorisation system to ensure your website allows access to authorised users. If you are migrating from another system we test your new links before going live.
Customer outreach. We work with you to reach out to your customers and help onboard them.
Identity federation consultancy. Get maximum scalability from our service. We advise you on how to expand the reach of your application through multiple identity national federations world-wide.
Deep-linking guidance. We provide guidance and a demo to demonstrate practical implementation of deep-linking (article-level access)
Entitlements/authorisation guidance. We recommend best practices on how to manage authorisation in your platform.
Configure OpenID Connect plug in. We provide you with a supported and certified OpenID Connect plug in that is compatible with WordPress, .NET and Drupal
Hosted Wayfinder. Implement our hosted organisational discovery service to standardise users login journey
Overlay/embedded Wayfinder. Embed our organisation discovery service on your webpage. Our service is built to industry standard and can help improve user experience.
Staff training. We train your technical and customer service teams to ensure you get the most out of our product.

Learn more about our service portfolio

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IOP Publishing simplifies federated access with OpenAthens Keystone

How IOP Publishing has simplified and modernised the way it offers federated access to content, using the cloud-based OpenAthens Keystone service.

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