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Global access to your digital content with OpenAthens Cloud


Secure single sign-on made easy – for you and your customers.

Millions of people can potentially benefit from the digital content you’ve created. Your job is to ensure they have the best user experience in accessing it. OpenAthens Cloud gives your customers simple and secure access to your online services, anytime and anywhere.

For those who are looking for a simpler solution to federated single sign-on or who want to move away from less secure IP recognition, OpenAthens Cloud provides the perfect solution.

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Key features and benefits

Improve your users' experience

Users log-on once via their home organisation to access multiple online services, anytime and anywhere. Unique user IDs or attributes enable you to offer personalisation so users can retain searches they made previously and build up a portfolio of information and intelligence specific to their requirements. You can also offer services based on individual roles or specific locations and groups.


Make your content more secure

Our service is ISO 27001 security standard compliant. We run penetration tests and manage the required metadata and certificates in the cloud, leaving you to focus on delivering the best user experience. Users only need to remember one username and password so they’re less likely to forget or write it down. And in the case of a license breach individual users can be blocked, which simply isn’t possible with IP recognition.

Access a wider customer base

The OpenAthens Federation is the only federation that allows organisations from any sector to participate globally. This creates a diverse audience from academia and government to healthcare, engineering, pharmaceutical and other corporate markets.

OpenAthens Cloud enables entry into the OpenAthens Federation and national SAML federations across the world. Hosted in multiple global regions, it provides a fast and reliable connection.

Simple and easy to use

You no longer need to wrestle with implementing and maintaining complex SAML-based solutions as our cloud-based service gives you those SAML attributes via a new secure, lightweight protocol – OpenID Connect. OpenAthens Cloud supports native and mobile apps as well as web-based applications.  It is developer-friendly so requires fewer specialist skills to implement and its simple user interface tools allow you to manage the login process hassle-free.

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Reduce your costs

OpenAthens Cloud is simpler and easier to implement than SAML and Shibboleth-based solutions, saving you time and money on developer cost and ongoing maintenance. You don’t need to manage user credentials as that’s looked after by users’ home organisation. As a cloud-based service, you can also make efficiency savings on server space, energy consumption and scalability.

Comply with data protection

OpenAthens Federation members sign up to our policy on the exchange of user data.  User identities are managed by your customers, helping you to comply with data protection legislation.

See OpenAthens in action

We regularly run open demo webinars for any content providers wishing to learn more about OpenAthens.

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FT uses OpenAthens so corporate and education customers can set up and manage single sign-on access to OpenAthens improves productivity by making authentication more efficient.

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How much does it cost to use OpenAthens?

The annual subscription cost depends on the number of organisations accessing a publisher’s content via OpenAthens software and/or services. There is a one-off setup fee, which is payable only in the first year. We can provide a tailored quote based on your specific requirements.

What’s the difference between Shibboleth and OpenAthens?

Shibboleth is an extension of SAML which provides a single sign-on infrastructure and reference implementation. It is not a product and therefore no support service is available with the code. OpenAthens provides a suite of supported software and services which allow content providers and organisations to connect to each other via OpenID Connect and SAML/Shibboleth.

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