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Wayfinder organisational discovery service

Free service for all library and publisher platform providers.

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Simplify access to your online content

Are your patrons frustrated with their login experience?

Do you have concerns about patrons using piracy sites?

Our organisational discovery service Wayfinder addresses many of the fundamental issues associated with accessing online content via a federated access route.

Integral to our service provider product, patrons can log-in securely just once to access the multiple online resources their organisation subscribes to whilst preserving user privacy.

Choose Wayfinder to give patrons a simpler and more consistent experience  – wherever they are in the world.

Key features and benefits

Easily searchable

Geo-location and a Google-like search function enable patrons to easily find their home organisation to log-in  

Good memory

Remembers patron’s last login choice, making it even easier for them to get access to the content they need 

It's free!

Free to all publishers and library platform providers as a public good 

Simple and straightforward

Easy to deploy and manage