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Customisation: authentication point

Louise EagleBy Louise Eagle
Category - News

Monday 21st March 2016

Developers at OpenAthens have released customisation tools for the new authentication point that are simple and quick to use.

Admin users can now easily make changes to the look and feel of the OpenAthens authentication point to create a branded experience for their end-users.

New features include adding a logo, changing the colour of the login button, adding introductory text and creating hyperlinks in the introductory and footer text.

Add logo and change colour of login button to match organisation’s brand palette

Booklean Logo



These simple tools will offer end-users a more familiar experience that reflects an organisation’s brand rather than only that of OpenAthens.

Admins can upload two versions of their logo. Currently they are only used at the new OpenAthens authentication point to help users find their home organisation but they will be used in more places in the future. The larger logo will appear in places such as title cards, the smaller logo will appear in places such as lists.

There is also a choice of basic colours or admins can enter the hex code or hex name to match their brand palette. A list of hex codes and names can be found here.

Add introductory text to welcome end-users and create hyperlinks in introductory and footer text




160 characters of visible text can be added as introductory text and as footer text. Hyperlinks can be inserted in the introduction to highlight library information, such catalogue lists, whereas hyperlinks in the footer might link to items such as terms and conditions.

Details on how OpenAthens administrators can customise their login screens are on the Domain Preferences FAQ page.


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