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OpenAthens bridges the worlds of knowledge management and information technology.

Managing employees, students and other professionals requires a coordinated approach across teams and systems. When people change roles or licences end, the resources and tools they need access to also changes.

Any user directory that manages data and permissions must to be continuously maintained. IT professionals and knowledge managers have years of training and experience in managing these requirements. When parallel system work together, any disconnect between them can create confusion and security vulnerabilities. OpenAthens software is designed to work with many existing systems and provide clarity on accounts and how and they are being used.

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Services and features


OpenAthens is compatible with a range of SAML IdP software and integrates with your organization’s local directory, drawing library resources into the single sign-on experience. We have a fully hosted, cloud based version that requires no IT support and administrators can access our administrative area tools with their own usernames and passwords. Our hosted service is fully supported and on a secure, high-availability platform.

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Locally installed solution

We also have software you can download, OpenAthens LA (Local Authentication), that enables your organization to manage users’ access to online resources securely and effectively. Installed locally, this establishes the bridge to your internal user directory, providing your users with single sign-on access to both internal and external e-resources. Click below for documentation and technical specifications.

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Access to resources

There are hundreds and thousands of journals, e-books, magazines and information products published across the world. OpenAthens is designed to simplify access to this vast range of resources so that there is no need to manage individual relationships with each product. The full range of resources that are available is maintained via the link below but we have tools in place that enable access to the majority of access and control systems.

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Fully managed for your organization

OpenAthens is a highly scalable service with a proven track record over many years. Our architecture is replicated, load balanced and fully resilient. It is a supported service with access 24/7 x 365 to the OpenAthens Service Desk. Information on the status of OpenAthens service is available via our support pages.

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