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Glossary for Librarians A – L

AvatarBy Beth Rutter
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Friday 20th May 2016

Identity and Access Management Glossary for Librarians
A – L

Active Directory
A Microsoft product that controls access and authentication to a Windows-based network using LDAP.

Information about an individual e.g. email address, job title or department.

Process of logging in against a set of approved usernames and passwords or IP address ranges.

Authentication Token
A way of storing a username’s credentials to permit access to services that would otherwise require separate logins.

Process of permitting access to protected content based on user attributes.

The Cloud
Storing data or software on remote or distributed servers in order to improve the scalability and availability of a product or service.

Deep Link
A link to a specific piece of content, whether that’s an article, book chapter, image or other resource.

A set of user information managed centrally by an organisation containing information about the organisation’s members e.g. name, department, email address.

Discovery Service
A web service that indexes the whole of a library’s holdings, so that users can easily search many different resources at once.

Document Delivery
A service that delivers and bills for individual documents electronically when they are not within an organisation’s library.

A network location consisting of computers or websites that are owned and operated by an individual or organisation. Often defined by IP addresses and URLs.

The set of resources that a user is able to access through their institution for example collections of books and journals.

A unique identifier for an identity provider or service provider registered in a federation. Used in SAML.

Federated Access Management
Using the protocols and policies provided by a federation.

A group of organisations consisting of identity providers and service providers which enables access to content via agreed attributes and eligibility.

Identity Provider
An organisation or product that confirms user identities and attributes to enable them to access content owned by service providers.  Examples of IdP products are OpenAthens, Shibboleth and Ping Federate.

IP Address
A numerical reference (e.g. that identifies the location of a device on a network or the wider internet, managed globally.

IP Authentication
A form of access management that grants access to resources based on the IP address of a user’s device.

IP Range
The range of IP addresses used by a particular institution, organisation or country.

An industry- standard protocol allowing information about users, services and systems to be shared across networks (for example, between a user’s network and that of a content provider). A core element of many SSO products.

Link Resolver
Software that help libraries identify and link users to a copy of a resource to which they have access entitlement (e.g. a journal to which the institution subscribes) based on a search query.

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