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Glossary for Librarians M – Z

AvatarBy Beth Rutter
Category - Blog

Friday 20th May 2016

Identity and Access Management Glossary for Librarians.

Read the Glossary for Librarians A -L here.

An access management system for organisations or content providers that facilitates SSO access to subscription content. 

A webpage that grants access to many different resources. 

Proxy Service
Software that acts as an intermediary between users and content. Often used to facilitate remote access to subscription- based content. 

Remote Access
Allows users to access library holdings with their normal login credentials when they are outside of the institution network, for example at home or using a mobile device. 

SaaS – ‘Software as a service’
Cloud-based web applications.

SAML – ‘Security assertion markup language’
A protocol for exchanging security information between identity providers and service providers.

An identifier used to identify organisations. Often set so be the same as an organisations domain name. 

Seamless Access
Providing users with content without any need to sign into multiple different services or websites.

Service Provider
An organisation that provides content or services. 

An open source access management system for organisations or content providers that facilitates SSO access to subscription content.

SSO – ‘Single sign-on’
Providing users with access to many different systems through a single set of login details. 

URL – ‘Uniform resource identifier’
An address that specifies a web of intranet site and specific item of content. 

User Journey
The steps a user takes to get to the content they wish to access. 

VLE – ‘Virtual learning environment’
A web-based service for educational institutions that allow access to a range of learning resources, including course information and content, assessment functionality and links to relevant library holdings.

VPN – ‘Virtual private network’
Software that allows secure remote access to a network from outside the organisation. 

WAYF – ‘Where are you from’
A service that asks users to specify their organisation in order to grant access to content. 

A type of deep link that provide users with a direct route to content. The URL includes code specifying the identity provider the user is affiliated with, meaning the user is not required to navigate the service providers WAYF. 

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