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Introducing further changes to improve remote working for OpenAthens administrators

Sophie AllenBy Sophie Allen
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Monday 11th January 2021

Identity verification at login for administrators  

Is your contact email in OpenAthens up to date? Starting in February we will be sending you an email with access code needed to verify your identity every time you try and login from a new location or the IP address at your location has changed. 

Last year we have introduced this as an easy way for administrators to login from a remote location. We are now completely retiring the use of the pre-configured IP address as a second-factor authentication.  


How does it work? 








When you try to login you will be asked for the access code. You will find it in your email – please check your spam in case our email has landed there.  

Copy the access code and paste it to confirm your identity and complete the login process. You will not be asked for the access code for the next 5 days.

You can find more information in the OpenAthens technical documentation 


How to update your administrator email

We will be retiring pre-configured IP as a second-factor authentication gradually through February, so you still have time to double-check your email is up to date You can update your email within the Account section of your dashboard. 




Can’t log in? 

If you are struggling to log in to the OpenAthens admin portal at here are ways to resolve the issue: 

  • Your username and password may be incorrect.  
  • You may have tried too many times to login with incorrect username and password.  
  • You may not have administrator privileges. 
  • You haven’t received the email with the access code. 

Here is a link to our documentation with more information on how to troubleshoot administrator login issues.  

If you still have problems, get in touch with your usual support contact for help via or via the service desk portal.

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