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Jisc merger FAQs

Jon BentleyBy Jon Bentley
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Tuesday 11th December 2018

We’ve collated some FAQs to help answer your questions around our merger with Jisc and will update with any new questions that come through. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please email

When is the merger going to happen?
01 January 2019

What is Jisc?
Jisc is a not-for-profit membership organisation that provides digital solutions for UK education and research. Post-merger, the combined entity ‘Jisc’ will provide digital solutions to education and research, public sector, healthcare and commercial organisations around the world.

What is Eduserv?
Eduserv is a not-for-profit technology partner of education, public and third sector organisations. Eduserv is comprised of three business units:

  • OpenAthens: A market leader of single sign-on technology, connecting over 4 million people to online information worldwide.
  • Chest: Negotiating preferential licence agreements for software and online resources for the academic sector.
  • Eduserv Cloud Solutions: Specialising in helping organisations in local government, public bodies, healthcare, charities, higher education and emergency services make the most of public cloud technology through strategic advice, engineering and development.

What is the relationship between Jisc and Eduserv?
Jisc and Eduserv are not-for-profit tech companies that provide digital solutions to their customers and members. The merger will build on our strengths and expertise for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Why is the merger happening and what opportunities does this create?
We are merging to bring together our respective knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all our customers and members. Together we’ll power and inspire the transformation of world-wide lifelong learning and research.

We’ll do this by:

  • Promoting the adoption and use of standards-based information technology
  • Enriching the educational experience and improving the quality of research
  • Providing thought leadership

The merger will create new opportunities for customers and members to help shape the new organisation and the services we can offer going forward.

Who do I now contact about my account with Eduserv/ Jisc?
Your current account manager and service team stays the same and all contact details stay the same.

What will be the impact on my OpenAthens service?
There will be no change to service delivery post-merger and we will continue to provide our services to all our customers as we do today.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my OpenAthens service?
If you experience any problems with service please check our service status page in the first instance. For further information please contact our customer service desk for support.

What will happen to my contract?
From 1 January 2019, all contracts will transfer to the new legal entity ‘Jisc’ instead of ‘Eduserv’.

What will happen to my invoices?
If you are a UK customer bank details will change on all invoices. International customers will continue to transact with Eduserv Commercial Limited until further notice. If you have any further queries, please contact your OpenAthens account manager.

What will happen if my OpenAthens account is managed by a partner?
There will be no change to your relationship and your partner will continue to manage your relationship as they do prior to the merger.

Who can I escalate my problems to?
In the unlikely situation that you need to escalate any problems, please contact your OpenAthens account manager.

There are two federations – which one should I join?
There are currently two access management federations because Jisc operates the national federation for UK education and research and OpenAthens operates a federation that accepts membership from any sector or country.

In the immediate future there will be no change and the OpenAthens Federation and the UK Federation will operate separately.

What technology is going to prevail in the future?
We will continue to support standards-based technology because it is in the best interests of our customers.

Will you continue to support Shibboleth?
We will continue to support connections to other standards-based technology solutions such as Shibboleth.

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