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Lean Library partners with OpenAthens

AvatarBy Michelle Silvestre
Category - News

Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Lean Library LogoWe’re very pleased to announce a partnership with Lean Library, a SAGE Publishing company, to support libraries accessing content using single sign-on authentication. Lean Library brings library services directly into a patron’s workflow via their web browser using a browser plugin.  The company was acquired by SAGE in 2018.

At OpenAthens, we make it easy for people to access the knowledge they want, when they want it, by removing the need to remember multiple user names and passwords and supporting off-site access. We seamlessly slot into existing systems, such as Lean Library, to provide an optimal user experience.

It’s Lean Library’s mission to support as many users as possible and with this partnership, we are one step closer,” says Johan Tilstra, founder of Lean Library. “We’re thrilled about our collaboration with OpenAthens – they’re a great team with a great product. Combined with Lean Library, it makes for a near perfect end-user experience.”

OpenAthens recognises a shared purpose and mission.

“The collaboration with Lean Library has been productive and exciting. We’d both spotted aspects of single sign-on that can be improved and working together, we’ve taken a step forward in creating a superior experience. We have removed the hoops and hurdles users sometimes need to jump through and over.” says Jon Bentley, commercial director of OpenAthens.

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