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MyAthens is the simplest way to let patrons know what resources are available to them

Researcher, 2020

“Easy and simple, just what you need”

So what’s it all about?


  • With just one simple single sign-on, learners and researchers can access the knowledge they need to achieve great things
  • Curate resources, integrate content discovery widgets, add cards with important information
  • Share account details with patrons
  • Enjoy easy configuration
  • Web experience that works well on any device
  • MyAthens is designed for inclusive experience in line with EU web accessibility regulations

Product tiers and pricing

This is an add-on product to OpenAthens for libraries.


OpenAthens and MyAthens +

This version is ideal for information professionals who are looking for a lightweight knowledge portal. It builds on OpenAthens powerful access management capabilities, ensuring that patrons access the content available to them.


OpenAthens and MyAthens basic

This version has limited capabilities in terms of resource discovery but it is best used where libraries already have well established library portals. The button and text cards point the patron to the preferred content discovery portal and provide important information such as library working hours or available research support.

MyAthens basic