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New OpenAthens reporting interface for libraries

Adam SnookBy Adam Snook
Category - News

Friday 3rd August 2018

After months of work we are excited to announce the launch of the new reporting interface for our library customers. The official release is 3 September 2018 and we would like to give you a chance to familiarise yourself with the new interface and setup your scheduled reports ahead of time.

We couldn’t have made it so far without the contribution and support from the community. A big thank you to all who contributed with ideas and feedback. We have taken onboard a lot of the suggestions for improvements and either actioned them or logged them in our product backlog for later refinement.

What’s new?

The new interface is simpler and easier to navigate, and it visualizes data in a better, more accessible way allowing quick and easy analysis of the data OpenAthens provides.

Some of the benefits of the new interface are:

  • The new report dashboard gives you a summary view of Top Resources, Number of Active Accounts, Accounts Status summary, and a map view of Authentications by country.
  • You can now report usage based on predefined account attributes like Department, Job Role, Cost Centre etc. We recommended using attributes for usage reporting instead of permission sets or groups. For more information, please check our article on How to make the most of your reports.
  • You can customize and save reports and schedule email alerts to help you monitor the accounts’ activity and resources’ performance.

For those of you who are interested in further analysis of the data OpenAthens collects you can download it.

A report on resource use by an individual account is no longer available via the interface but we are working on a method to make the data available via download and/or an API.

What will happen to the current reporting interface?

When we launch the new reporting interface, the old interface will still be available for 3 months but with limited functionality:

  • Any previously generated monthly reports will continue to be available
  • There will be no ability to generate reports

What is happening with the account auditing?

For those of you who used the account auditing service you can find some of those features included in a new ‘Activity’ tab on an Account view. We are planning to introduce a new and improved central activity service later this year.

Learn more about the new reporting interface

If you would like to know more about the new reporting interface, you can get in touch with your account manager or join one of our demo webinars.

Wednesday 22 August – 4pm BST
Tuesday 28 August – 11am CDT
Monday 10 September – 4pm AEST

We value your feedback, strive to meet your requirements where possible and will continue to improve the interface after the official launch.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or feedback please email

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