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OpenAthens 101: A guide for our librarians – Housekeeping

Andy AndersonBy Andy Anderson
Category - Blog

Monday 17th February 2020

This time on OpenAthens101: A guide for our librarians we are looking at housekeeping.

More specifically, how you can have expired accounts automatically deleted, preventing space being filled and any issues with data protection.

This housekeeping option can be found in the admin site under Preferences > Organisation. You’ll want to pick a length of time that covers the common uses in your field – e.g. a college might want it set long enough that returning students aren’t deleted over the summer, whilst a corporation might prefer it to be within a week.

Since it is an organisation preference rather than a domain preference, you can have different settings for sub-organisations.

For details on this and other settings such as default expiry dates, see the online documentation.

There is a similar setting for local accounts on the page where you set up the connection (Management > Connections)

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