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OpenAthens Cloud awarded OpenID Connect self-certification

AvatarBy Beth Rutter
Category - News

Thursday 16th November 2017

OpenAthens is pleased to announce that its new content provider solution OpenAthens Cloud is now OpenID Connect self-certified through the OpenID Foundation, providing assurance that OpenAthens Cloud conforms to the OpenID Connect protocol and enabling greater interoperability.

Self-certification is awarded by the OpenID Foundation when an organisation has passed the OpenID Connect software test suite and verified that it conforms to one or more specific profiles of the OpenID Connect protocol. It also provides customers with even greater confidence as certification doesn’t expire and is also legally binding.

OpenID Connect is an identity protocol that enables the secure, lightweight authentication of users across websites and apps. Its main appeal is that service providers don’t need to own and manage password files as those are managed by the user’s home organisation or by a specialist identity provider. It is expected to see much wider adoption than SAML-based technologies as it is easy to implement and works across a wide range of devices, platforms and languages. Two-factor authentication can be used alongside OpenID Connect to provide stronger security.

Jon Bentley, Commercial Manager, OpenAthens:

“Our name itself, OpenAthens, is built on the principles of open, common standards and interoperability. Our engagement with OpenID Connect reflects our commitment to widening engagement with federated access wherever possible. Momentum is building and it is an exciting time to receive the certification.”

Don Thibeau, Executive Director, OpenID Foundation:

“OpenAthens recent OpenID certifications highlights the value of the OpenID Certification Program by ensuring robust, certified implementations of OpenID Connect are being developed. A standard is only as good as its adoption and OpenAthens Cloud joins a growing list of certified OpenID Connect implementations delivering secure authentication solutions while assuring trust in the marketplace.”

OpenAthens joins one of a growing number of organisations choosing OpenID Connect technology to enable secure access to online resources and services. These include well-known brands such as Google, Microsoft, PayPal and Salesforce, making for a more familiar user journey.

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