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Louise EagleBy Louise Eagle
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Wednesday 26th October 2016

A discussion paper: The road to unifying the Identity and Access Management landscape to enhance the end user journey.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is based on a simple concept: connecting users to essential knowledge. The reality of IAM is anything but simple, with different publishers, vendors, institutions, and end-users each having their own varied needs to consider
when implementing access pathways.

There is a clear need for IAM solutions to evolve to meet end-user expectations of access to content, as well as anticipating and addressing potential future needs, and working with service providers to ensure the knowledge value chain remains unbroken. This is why we have adopted the OpenAthens Publisher Manifesto – five commitments that we’ve made to help service providers from across the publishing landscape address common challenges, both now and in the future.

Read our collection of industry voices around the challenges of IAM and our commitment to help unify the IAM landscape. Download our latest discussion paper.

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