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Jon BentleyBy Jon Bentley
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Tuesday 3rd March 2015

98% of librarians agree access management is critical in maximising the value from their electronic resources.

We recently researched librarians’ experience and perceptions of identity and access management.

With over 550 participants across teleinterviews and a survey, we found that although access management is seen as critical to meeting users’ needs and gaining maximum value from investment in resources, many librarians feel their organisation is behind the curve in terms of the current access management services they are able to offer to their users. However, librarians are responding positively to the challenges in access management, particularly those driven by the growing demand for off-site access, and recognising opportunities to re-evaluate the library’s role and the broader user experience of information services.

Jon Bentley, Head of Product Marketing for OpenAthens, comments on the research findings: “Change in electronic publishing is now constant. This continual change is reflected in the way libraries deliver whenever they are needed. We want to understand the challenges and opportunities this creates for libraries and librarians. These changes require new skills and increased collaboration with colleagues and external partners. But the overall goal remains the same: to provide users with the intelligence they need to make the best decisions.”

We will be presenting the results of our survey at Jisc Digifest (Birmingham, UK, March 9-10), CILIP Conference (Liverpool, UK, July 2-3), and at the Special Libraries Association Annual Meeting (Boston, MA, USA, June 14-16). Copies will also be available from the OpenAthens booth at the Medical Libraries Association Annual Meeting (Austin, TX, USA, May 16-19) and can be downloaded here.

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