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OpenAthens sprint review headlines

Louise EagleBy Louise Eagle
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Monday 16th November 2015

As the new Marketing Manager for OpenAthens, I recently sat in on my first Sprint Review meeting. We use the agile software development methodology, so fortnightly sprints of coding with ongoing scrum meetings are a central part of our world. It was such an invigorating session – with new feature demos and dev updates – that I aim to share our Sprint Review headlines as regularly as possible:

1. Demo of enhancements to Federation Manager

For our Publisher customers, improvements to the Federation Manager will mean they will be able to have multiple URLs per entity. They will be able to edit syntax and use syntax highlighting.

2. Demo of Boolean logic for adding rules

OpenAthen’s admins will be able to add additional rules on the same permission using All and Any. This powerful tool will enable more accuracy around permission setting and allow for speedier set-up.

18112015- OpenAthens sprint review headlines #1

3. Demo of new Organisation Summary screen

For when OpenAthens admins need a view of their organisations with account totals, we have created a new Organisation Summary screen. This replaces the functions of the old account totals and organisation IDs list. There are customisable columns, hover bubbles to show the breakdown of figures and a progress bar. This is especially useful for OpenAthens admins with multi-organisations within a hierarchy. Administrators will be able to quickly access information and impersonate sub-organisations to undertake account management.

18112015- OpenAthens sprint review headlines #1 01

4. Update on infrastructure migration

With the aim to create a higher degree of availability in the long term, three of our applications have been moved onto a new structure and new servers in our data centre in Swindon and another in Slough.

About this blog
Our developers are exceptionally passionate about their work. Our agile approach creates a tangible sense of momentum and innovation in the office, which is well worth sharing.  This blog serves as an insight into our world of development – a lid off the box as such. As necessary, full documentation about new features will be issued along with product bulletins and our regular newsletter. Items featured may not be live in the system.


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