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Membership of the OpenAthens Federation

The OpenAthens Federation is the only one in the world that allows membership from any country or sector. Join our 2,600 strong members and expand access to more than 4 million users worldwide in the academic, government, healthcare, pharmaceutical and corporate markets.

Join our federation

You can join our federation with any SAML single sign-on solution. We offer our own library identity management product and Keystone product for publishers and service providers.

Collaboration with other identity federations

Our cloud-based solutions enable you to join other identity federations around the world. We work with other identity federations on international technical standards and best practice so that our products and services can be used in federations in different countries.  Hosted in multiple global regions, our cloud-based services provide a fast and reliable connection to digital content.


Members of our federation sign up to and agree to policies around the secure exchange of user information (or attributes), providing assurances that users accessing your content are from one of your subscribing organisational customers.  This data is encrypted and exchanged in the cloud, adding an additional security layer and ensuring a secure connection between the user and the content they have subscribed to.


Our services are ISO 27001 compliant and as part of our federation service, we check security certificates and run regular penetration tests to mitigate against cybersecurity attacks.

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How does it work?

View our animated graphic which shows how users get access, all in a matter of seconds.

Customers and Federations

Publishers registered in the OpenAthens Federation

Some of the largest publishers in the world are members of the OpenAthens Federation and use our products and services so they can operate in more than 20 national access management federations.

Some of our customers:

American Medical Association
American Psychological Association
British Standards Institution
Cambridge University Press
Financial Times
John Wiley & Sons
Harvard University Press
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
Learning on Screen
Mark Allen Group
Massachusetts Medical Society
New Scientist
Oxford University Press
Reed Business Information
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
SAGE Publications
Taylor & Francis
Thomson Reuters
Wolters Kluwer

See our full list of subscribing organisations registered in the OpenAthens Federation.

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Supported federations

OpenAthens products and services are used in many federations across the world:

Austria (ACOnet)
Belgium (Belnet)
Canada (CAF)
Chile (COFRe)
China (CARSI)
Czech Republic (
Denmark (WAYF)
France (RENATER)
Germany (DFN-AAI)
Holland (SURFfederatie)
Hungary (
Ireland (Edugate)
Italy (IDEM)
Japan (GakuNin)
New Zealand (Tuakiri)
OpenAthens Federation
Portugal (RCTSaai)
Spain (SIR)
Switzerland (SWITCHaai)
United Kingdom (UK Access Management Federation)
USA (InCommon)