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nkoda win our 2021 award!

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About the award

Our award for best publisher user experience puts the spotlight on those publishers that strive to put their users at the heart of their service design with the simple aim of giving users easy access to their content.

The award builds on our ongoing commitment to drive forward innovation in the information industry and to make access to knowledge as easy as possible for end users.

Our 2021 award winner is nkoda!

nkoda - Guy Spyropoulos with UX award and handbook







Meet our 2021 finalists!

Health Data Research Innovation Gateway

User experience is integral to how we deliver the Health data Research Innovation Gateway and understanding the needs of our different communities is essential to us. The project started with a dedicated 6-week user research workstream, including user interviews, pain-mapping, and several workshops where we co-designed a journey map together, illustrating the ideal user-centered service. We keep users engaged throughout the delivery with regular user testing sessions, and dedicated workshops for the most complex features. Collecting and addressing feedback is embedded at each stage in our process enabling us to constantly improve features and keeping us focused on delivering what is most important to our communities.


As an organization we follow a product and user-centric approach and philosophy in everything that we do. Our product vision has been formed in order to serve and benefit our end-users who are musicians. As such, our product development roadmap is shaped and prioritized according to the user value that we can add which will allow for maximum positive impact on the overall user experience.

What is the process?

5 Oct – 30 Nov 2020 Award applications via an online form
11 Dec 2020 Judging panel mark applications
w/c 14 Dec 2020 Meeting 2: Judging panel agree on finalists
4 Jan 2021 Finalists announced
29 Jan 2021 Finalists submit learner and researcher attitudes and reactions to changes in the user journey and overall experience. Audiovisual or written format both acceptable.
w/c 1 Feb 2021 Panel judges review evidence of finalists’ engagement with learners and researchers.
w/c 8 Feb  2021 Meeting 3: Judging panel discuss finalists’ evidence of learner and researcher engagement
2 Mar 2021 Finalists webinar
2 Mar 2021 Meeting 4: Judging panel select winner after the webinar
16 Mar 2021 Access Lab 2021: winner announced

Panel judges

Our international marketing manager, Jane Charlton will chair the panel of judges.

2020 finalists and winner

The winner of the 2020 award was Emerald Publishing: Emerald Insight

Find out why they won and see their presentation at our Access Lab 2020 conference!

The other 2 finalists were:

Read more about the entries and see their presentation at our finalists webinar.

Any queries?

Please contact Jane Charlton, marketing manager at OpenAthens.