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Wayfinder organisation discovery service

Free to all library and publisher platform providers

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Simplify access to your online content

Why do you need Wayfinder?

Publishers are losing revenue on subscriptions because it’s easier for people to get access to stolen content on pirate sites.

Why is this happening? Well, one of the main reasons is that the login experience for most people is very poor. For example, it’s very common for researchers to be confronted with a long list of identity federation or organisation names to choose from in order to login. This is where OpenAthens can help.

Our organisation discovery service ‘Wayfinder’ makes single sign-on a piece of cake.  Researchers can log-in simply and securely to access the many online resources their organisation subscribes to, whilst keeping their privacy intact.

Choose Wayfinder to give people a simpler, better user experience – wherever they are in the world.

Need more support?

Our team of experts can help you to comply with RA21 recommended practices and improve access to online content. Give us call today to find out more.

Key features and benefits

Easily searchable

Geo-location and a simple search enable people to easily find their home organisation to log in  

Good memory

Remembers people’s last login choice, making it even easier for them to get access to the content they need 

It's free!

Our hosted version is free to all publishers and library platform providers and plays well with other solutions eg. Shibboleth


An embedded and overlay version are also available as part of our Keystone service for publishers. We’re working really hard to make these versions available for free too, so that anyone in the world can use them.

Simple and straightforward

Easy to deploy and manage, so you can focus on other things. Read our helpful docs to get started.