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Resource usage reporting for library consortia 

Vee RogachevaBy Vee Rogacheva
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Monday 23rd March 2020

The team here at OpenAthens has just introduced resource usage reporting for our consortium customers like GALILEO in Georgia and FLVC (Florida Virtual Campus)The new feature provides an insight into the way patrons from consortium member institutions access resources via OpenAthens. 

Usage data from OpenAthens is going to help consortia teams understand patrons’ preferences and behaviour, empowering them to get the best deals for their members when negotiating resource subscription. 

Traditionally, consortium teams would have to aggregate data from COUNTER for all their members in order to get a good understanding of the resource usage. Now, consortium teams can complement their COUNTER reports with OpenAthens usage data which is available with just a few clicks. 










Reports are now available in the Domain manager. 

The OpenAthens data can be downloaded as a .csv file and is an aggregation of resource use per institution per month. The data doesn’t include any details on the users.  

Resource usage report example





Select a date range and download the report. 

 If you have any questions regarding resource usage reporting, please email

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