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Wednesday 30 May, 4pm BST

Quick wins for an easier user journey

Join our Product manager, Adam Snook, to discover some of the challenges users face around access to your digital content and why they are turning to free and pirate sites such as SciHub. Adam will discuss the importance of a seamless user journey and some of the things you can do to improve user access and use of your content. The webinar will include a Q&A session to trouble shoot some of the problems and challenges you may be experiencing.  

This free webinar will be of interest to developers, platform managers and anyone working on the design and user experience of publisher and library platforms.   

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Wednesday 4 July, 4pm BST

When bad user design becomes a barrier to content

Here at OpenAthens we study student’s behaviour to improve our single sign-on products. We would like to share some of the findings with university presses and other publishers that provide digital content to the education and research sector. Our research into university students’ journey in the UK and the US can help publishers provide more relevant, flexible and timely content. 

UX designer Vee Rogacheva and International Sales Manager Kieran Prince will cover the following areas during the webinar: 

  1. Students’ journey to content
  2. User behaviour trends
  3. Examples of good and not so good platform design
  4. Symptoms that something is not right. Key performance -indicators from Google Analytics
  5. RA21 and the need to standardize access to content
  6. How can OpenAthens help?
  7. OpenAthens Wayfinder
  8. Q&A

This free webinar will be of interest to website, marketing and platform management professionals responsible for the design and branding of online platforms for academic content.  

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Monday 9 July, 4pm BST

Has federated access management failed the end user?

Since the rise of the web we’ve relied on IP recognition for on-campus access to institutional holdings, with a patchwork of other technologies to facilitate off-campus access. Federated access technologies such as SAML are a targeted, secure off-campus access route, but they entail a multi-step process for authentication.   

In this webinar, our panel of guest speakers will consider the scholarly community’s recent discussions of IP versus federated access, and the debate around user experience, personalisation, and user data and privacy.  

This free webinar will be of interest to librarians, publishers and end users of federated single sign-on solutions.    

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