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11 July 2019, 2pm AEST

Reporting insights for librarians

An OpenAthens and EBSCO webinar.EBSCO

Understanding your users and optimising their research and learning is underpinned by the data you can collect and utilise. Collecting data is often out of librarians’ hands so taking advantage of its usefulness can be difficult. OpenAthens provides comprehensive statistics and flexible reporting on top of a simple single sign-on for your users. We show you what users are engaging with, allowing you to optimise the way you work.

Webinar topics will include:

  • Data elements and the questions you can answer with a well-defined data structure
  • Data security
  • Collaborating with IT
  • OpenAthens demo of reporting features


  • Adam Snook, product manager, OpenAthens
  • Mike MacKinnon, director, SaaS innovation – ANZ, Asia, EBSCO
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