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11 June 2019, 11am ET | 4pm BST

The authentication landscape

A Library Journal and EBSCO webinar.Kristina Botyriute

In the RA21 era, there is no need to sacrifice features for convenience. This session will dig into the tech behind authentication methods for digital resources. Grasp the history, current state and other initiatives that are occurring in this space as Kristina Symes, author and technical solutions lead at OpenAthens, shares insights from her recent research.

Kristina wrote ‘Access to online resources: A guide for the modern librarian’ with the determined mission to make the librarian’s job easier. Daily interactions with libraries across a variety of environments all over the globe has allowed her to help librarians achieve their goals, through bridging the gap between technical and non-technical roles with a mix of expert knowledge and no-nonsense approach.

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18 June 2019, 11am | 4pm BST

OpenAthens software demo

Join our open-demo webinar and tour through the key features of OpenAthens. Useful to all organizations considering identity management and single sign-on.

Three reasons to join:

  1. Learn more about how users are able to access resources from anywhere.
  2. Understand the benefits of your organisation having single sign-on to all subscribed resources.
  3. A detailed explanation of usage statistics.
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11 July 2019, 2pm AEST

Reporting insights for librarians

An OpenAthens and EBSCO webinar.EBSCO

Understanding your users and optimising their research and learning is underpinned by the data you can collect and utilise. Collecting data is often out of librarians’ hands so taking advantage of its usefulness can be difficult. OpenAthens provides comprehensive statistics and flexible reporting on top of a simple single sign-on for your users. We show you what users are engaging with, allowing you to optimise the way you work.

Webinar topics will include:

  • Data elements and the questions you can answer with a well-defined data structure
  • Data security
  • Collaborating with IT
  • OpenAthens demo of reporting features


  • Adam Snook, product manager, OpenAthens
  • Mike MacKinnon, director, SaaS innovation – ANZ, Asia, EBSCO
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