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30 January 2020, 4pm GMT

OpenAthens 101 webinar: A guide for our librarians

Single Sign onThis is the first in a series of monthly webinars about OpenAthens 101: A guide for our librarians, designed to ensure all our institutions are getting the most out of OpenAthens regardless of their experience.

This webinar will cover:

  1. Intro – what is this webinar series and how will it help?
  2. Email address log in
  3. Logos
  4. Automatic deletion of accounts (in preferences)
  5. Answering your questions! And next webinar topic ideas based on your thoughts.


Blake Anderson, OpenAthens account manager

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12 February 2020, 4pm GMT

The missing link in the academic publishing cycle

Single Sign onAn OpenAthens webinar

Access to academic content is a missing link in the publishing cycle, resulting in a poor user experience.

Responsibility and ownership of this problem is falling through the gaps between publishers and librarians, resulting in a sub-optimal experience to researchers and other uses of publisher platforms.

This webinar will discuss:

1. The current researcher experience, current barriers and the importance of a good access experience
2. Responsibility and ownership of the problem
3. Recent initiatives that are driving change in this area


  • Vee Rogacheva, UX designer, OpenAthens


  • Sophie Allen, sales and marketing administrator, OpenAthens
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20 February 2020, 4pm GMT

Best publisher UX award finalists

Best publisher UX award finalists webinar 2020An OpenAthens webinar.

Join our webinar on Thursday 20 February to find out more about some of the innovations our publisher award finalists have made to improve the user experience.

About the award

Our Best publisher user experience award puts the spotlight on those publishers that strive to put their users at the heart of their service design with the simple aim of giving users easy access to their content.

The award builds on our ongoing commitment to drive forward innovation in the information industry and to make access to knowledge as easy as possible for end users.


  • TBC


  • Sophie Allen, sales and marketing administrator, OpenAthens
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Webinars on demand

16 January 2020, 4pm GMT

UX recommendations for improved access to content

An OpenAthens webinar.Single Sign on

Access to academic content is difficult, confusing and inconsistent across the different content platforms. Researchers and learners struggle to navigate the complex ecosystem of tools and platforms available to them and opt for alternative sources like ResearchGate or Open Access journals.

To improve the current user experience publishers will need to work together, making it easier for learners and researchers to access content available to them.

Our 10 UX recommendations explore the access experience for users associated with a library, not individual subscribers. Most of what’s covered here apply to publishers and service providers offering a single-sign-on institutional access option on their platforms. Building on the NISO approved RA21 recommended practices, this blog aims to help publishers navigate the world of access options.


  • Vee Rogacheva, UX designer, OpenAthens


  • Sophie Allen, sales and marketing administrator, OpenAthens
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25 September 2019, 11:30 am ET

Gain granular usage reports on top of SSO services

An OpenAthens and EBSCO webinar.EBSCO

Spending too much time and effort grappling with usage data for the electronic resources you offer? Learn how to unlock accurate and actionable reports while providing single sign-on access to your users. See what type of data becomes available when you use OpenAthens. Improve user access and unleash flexible reporting features to make your job easier. Register to realize the possibilities. The agenda will include:

  • A brief overview of OpenAthens features and functionalities
  • A walkthrough of the reporting capabilities and benefits available through OpenAthens
  • A demonstration of OpenAthens usage data
  • A look at how to get even more granular with the help of your IT department

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  • Amanda Ferrante, Authentication Specialist, EBSCO
  • Robert Scaysbrook, Head of OpenAthens Identity Sales, OpenAthens


  • Rebecca Jozwiak, Library Journal
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10 December 2019, 4pm AEDT and 3pm GMT/ 10am EST

Combining Lean Library with OpenAthens: simplifying the user journey for library patrons

Lean Library LogoFor library patrons, getting to the right scholarly content is often more complex than needed. This webinar will demonstrate how the combined power of Lean Library and OpenAthens greatly simplifies library patrons’ user journeys.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  1. How OpenAthens and Lean Library work in tandem to allow easy access to content, from anywhere
  2. How to further drive usage of e-resources
  3. How to increase the online visibility of the library, and gain credit for making patrons’ lives easier

Click for the 4pm AEDT webinar recording

Click for the 3pm GMT/ 10am EST webinar recording


  • Johan Tilstra, founder and CEO, Lean Library
  • Robert Scaysbrook, head of sales, OpenAthens


  • Michelle Tan, Sr. manager business development, Lean Library