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By Cintia DabesTuesday 1st 2021

Anglia Ruskin University sees increase in student retention with OpenAthens Reporting API

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) is an innovative, global university located …

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Library at university
By Sophie AllenMonday 4th 2020

Singapore Institute of Technology

OpenAthens offers greater stability and security at the Singapore Institute …

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Point Park University
By Beth RutterWednesday 16th 2019

Point Park University

University adopts cutting-edge authentication technology to support a wide range …

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Macalester College uses OpenAthens for single sign-on
By Beth RutterMonday 16th 2018

Macalester College

Macalester College enables full access to HathiTrust Digital Library with …

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OpenAthens for Global Medical Research
By Beth RutterThursday 19th 2018

Global medical research business

Global medical research business transforms remote working, ushers in new …

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OpenAthens used in library
By Louise EagleThursday 1st 2016

De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

Philippine medical library meets the challenge of making resources available …

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Oman Ministry of Health uses OpenAthens
By Beth RutterTuesday 7th 2016

Oman Ministry of Health

Oman Ministry of Health uses OpenAthens-Knowledge E library solution to …

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OpenAthens provides single sign on for Middlesex University
By Reality HouseMonday 18th 2016

Middlesex University

Building an international authentication strategy on OpenAthens. The challenge Middlesex …

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Geological Society Publishing House invests in OpenAthens
By Louise EagleThursday 28th 2016

Geological Society Publishing House

The Geological Society Publishing House invests in OpenAthens to improve …

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Aston University uses OpenAthens
By Louise EagleTuesday 26th 2016

Aston University

Replacing Shibboleth with OpenAthens to transform online information access. The …

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