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Semantic Scholar support institutional login and full text research access

Jane CharltonBy Jane Charlton
Category - News

Monday 27th April 2020

Semantic Scholar logoWe are pleased to announce a partnership with The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence to add institutional login and access to full text research for Semantic Scholar, creating a seamless access experience for millions of researchers worldwide. 

Semantic Scholar’s free and non-profit academic search platform helps researchers make new discoveries and save time by using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify relevant academic information. Publication of scientific research has grown exponentially over the past 20 years. As a result, researchers today have difficulty keeping up.

Semantic Scholar’s investments in information extraction and natural language processing (NLP) helps users quickly identify relevant research and make important connections. This is accomplished with AI-backed features such as citation classifications and linking a variety of related content including videos and code libraries to papers. 

Our single sign-on technology now allows Semantic Scholar’s millions of users to login using their academic or institutional credentials. Researchers with Semantic Scholar accounts can take advantage of paper and author alerts and a personalized library for saving papers.

Academic authors can highlight their work by claiming their author profile and adding papers and affiliations. They can also add links to ORCID’s persistent digital identifier and academic homepages. 

Institutional users can also get direct access to subscribed full text research when their library uses a publisher link resolver. This partnership improves full text access for Semantic Scholar users and opens the door for further enhancements. 

Sebastian Kohlmeier, Semantic Scholar’s Sr. Manager of Business Operations, said“We are excited to partner with OpenAthens to add an additional login option to Semantic Scholar that leverages institutional credentials. Not only does this provide a more privacy-centric login option, but it also gives users the ability to more seamlessly access full text content.


“As a fellow non-profit, it made sense for us to partner with Semantic Scholar to add  institutional login and simplify full text access within Semantic Scholar’s discovery platform” said Jon Bentley, commercial director at OpenAthens. “We are excited to continue to build on this partnership in the future.”


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