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Only one sign in

Jon BentleyBy Jon Bentley
Category - Blog

Monday 15th February 2016

OpenAthens for single sign-on.

An effective single sign-on experience is a goal for many information professionals. It is easy to understand why:

• Less obstacles when moving across publisher platforms and applications
• Easy to remember, core credentials for each individual
• Less frustrated calls to IT departments and knowledge managers

But what is single sign-on?

OpenAthens single sign-on creates a session that allows the end-user to move from resource to resource without the need to re-enter their credentials.

Once a user has entered their username and password and been authenticated this creates their single sign-on session. They can now move across their licensed sites without the need to enter their details again.

The outcomes can be transformational. Busy librarians or IT teams who have to wrestle with the impact of starters and leavers or different login details for different applications find these problems disappear.

But single sign-on has evolved across different sectors in different paths and different speeds. OpenAthens has a flexible single sign-on solution that specializes in the information sector and allows existing systems to integrate with an organization’s full range of publications and research tools.

We can integrate with existing identity management systems to create a secure, single sign-on experience with existing usernames and passwords. Or we can create credentials specific to OpenAthens which enable access to the portfolio of e-resources and learning applications.

And in each case, we can authenticate and access to a range of international resources utilizing access management federations, SAML and proxy resources.

OpenAthens is committed to removing barriers to knowledge and connecting people to information and our customers agree:

“OpenAthens is a great way of accessing the Digital Library content while on the move, or while working remotely. You don’t need to be tied to your desk to have the information at your fingertips, and the information is always available, 24/7, particularly useful for a global workforce, or late-workers!” Customer Survey 2015.

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