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TDNet chooses OpenAthens

Louise EagleBy Louise Eagle
Category - News

Tuesday 6th August 2013

Why information discovery giant TDNet chooses OpenAthens.

TDNet is one of our OpenAthens partners in the United States, Canada and Middle East. Moshe Efron, Vice President of Sales and Ronna Davis, Sales Manager, explain why they chose to work with us and what they offer as a partner.

Who is TDNet?

Established in 2000, TDNet serves the information discovery, access and management needs of hundreds of libraries, information centres and organisations around the globe. Among the company’s customers are healthcare organisations, multinational companies, academic libraries, governments and international consortia.

TDNet is a joint venture of Teldan Information Systems and a leading venture capital fund, with its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company’s US operations are run out of West Chester, Pennsylvania.

What are your experiences and strengths as a partner with OpenAthens?

TDNet offers a range of library and information centers discovery, access and management solutions. Partnering with OpenAthens allows us to offer a unique discovery and linking solution, combined with authentication, user management, remote access and usage tracking.

Users benefit from a seamless workflow that starts with authentication, identification of user’s attribute and accordingly searching and access to subscribed and open access content. The library benefits from being able to provide a library controlled user management and authentication service that tracks and monitors usage, allowing better evaluation of purchased content and user behavior.

Why did you choose to be an OpenAthens partner? What does OpenAthens offer above other solutions?

OpenAthens offers a unique library oriented cloud based single sign-on technology in a SaaS model, based on international standards and allows an easy and fast integration with local systems. With many years of experience in providing identity and access management services to the library community, backed up with a strong technical support helpdesk, OpenAthens offers TDNet the ability to leverage the strength of TDNet’s link resolver, discovery and access solutions – thus implementing, for libraries, a technological synergy that is not duplicated elsewhere.

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