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Ten reasons why Librarians and IT Managers love OpenAthens

AvatarBy Beth Rutter
Category - Blog

Tuesday 11th April 2017

We think OpenAthens is great but we don’t want you to take our word for it. Here are some of the top comments from our customers:

1. It is a convenient remote access solution.

With OpenAthens, it doesn’t matter where the user is or what device they are using. If they have an internet connection and a web browser all library e-resources can be accessed.


2. Easy-to-use, central point for access to all database subscriptions, works well for multi-site organisations.

One username and password allows a student to access all the resources they’re entitled to, which provides a much simpler user experience.


3. I can manage it on my own without any assistance from our IT staff.

With OpenAthens there is no need for technical development or IT infrastructure, so it can all be managed by the library.


4. It’s easy to use, reliable and the customer support is excellent.

Being a cloud-based service, OpenAthens can be up and running really quickly. The dedicated set up team are on hand to help you configure and connect to subscribed resources.


5. It works well as an authentication system and is good value. It’s easy to set up, administer and manage users.

The OpenAthens admin area was designed by librarians for librarians, so it’s simple and easy to use.


6. Very responsive. Great communication.

Most Librarians and IT Managers never need to speak to the service desk however it is there when they need it.


7. The statistics it can provide are great. OpenAthens is an effective service.

Easily see how much each resource is used so that you can allocate budget more efficiently.


8. It’s a valuable part of the Library service which enables customers to access a wider range of information and evidence.

With OpenAthens you can manage different access permissions for users.


9. OpenAthens means students can use their network details to access resources.

Connect OpenAthens with your local directory (Active Directory, LDAP, ADFS etc.) for a true single sign-on experience across all library resources starting from your network or desktop login.


10. We can bring our electronic resources to our users in a well-organised and clear way.

With one username and password, users no longer have to go to each publisher website and log in multiple times with different credentials.

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